Saturday, August 5, 2017

Burlington County Farm Fair - July 18-22 - Advisor Thoughts

Farm Fair:  Reason:  To Agvocate!  A look at an Advisors Week:
Day 1:  Monday - Keith Dannucci and myself judge in the Home Show Tent - Veggies and Flowers.
             We take a look at our tent for this year and then I have Horse Judging Practice.......

Day 2:  Tuesday - Farm Fair Set up 12-2
             Tractor Driving CDE - 4 members compete - we come in 2,3,4 and 5.  Congratulations to       Cumberland FFA for their winning tractor driver!  A big thank you to Central Jersey Equipment for supplying the equipment and the Central Jersey Tractor Pullers for setting up the contest!  A shout out to Justin Noble for picking up the posts from school!
              6:00 - Farm Fair Opening Ceremony's!  A look at the Farm Fair Queen nominees and Northern FFA presents the plaque from NJ State FFA that we received on their behalf at State Convention!  Tent opened to 9:00 pm.  Members sold Sunflower bunches.  Horse Judging Practice.....

Day 3:  Wednesday - 8:00 am  Horse Judge Team meets to review last minute information.
Advisor Fail:  Forgot clipboards/paper......always happens for this one!  Luckily Erin Noble has extras from Tractor Driving!  YooHoo!  Contest goes on to 1:30!  Congratulations to the following:
1st place - Northern;  2nd place - Woodstown:  3rd place - Newton;  4th place - Warren Hills
I'm back at 4:00 to man the tent with members.  This is Farm Fair Queen Night!  Let the Drama unfold!  Northern FFA has 4 members running!  At 9:00 pm - I'm the only one in the tent with 3 alumni selling T-Shirts and Sunflowers.....the queen is announced - a member runs up to tell me the winners!

Day 4:  Thursday - my day off from working the Fair.  I worked our Summer Ag Program in the morning!  No issues with the tent (Mr. Dannucci is advisor in charge at Farm Fair).

Day 5:  Friday - 4:00 - 10:00  Keith Dannucci and I.  FFA members were there to man the tent!  Lots of alumni stopping by!  It is great to hear how everyone is doing!

Day 6:  Saturday - last day of Farm Fair.
8:00 am Dairy Handler - 4 members competing - I was shocked that you could have this many, but I read the announcement and low and behold, you can have up to 4!  And we had 5, so we had to have a run-off!  Another Advisor Fail - SOS call and text:  one dairy handler needed her scarf (official dress left at school); picked it up but didn't get to contest in time!  Results:  1st: Salem; 2nd: Cumberland; 3rd: Northern; tied for 4th: Northern. Contest and awards done by 10:00 am
Back to tent at 4:00 pm.  Brian Hayes and I are advisors in charge!  Annoucement at 6:00 to evacuate the premises because of storm approaching.  When storm looked like it really was approaching, we packed up the tent and took what we could back to school.  Members picked up the rest of items on Sunday.  At school, we almost got hit by lightning.  The end to Farm Fair for this year!

Special Items: What you find out at Farm Fair - Friends of FFA
Grateful to the Central Jersey Tractor Pullers for supplying our tent to help us Advocate for Agriculture.
Concern for NJ FFA CDE's -
    Tractor Driving - no issues that I know of!  The Central Jersey Tractor pullers do a great job!
    Horse Judging - obtaining horses - didn't have them as of the Friday before!  Found Some!
    Dairy Handler - The superintendent of this event is stepping down (she has done a great job!);  Will we be able to get cows for this event?  Thanks to the Bond's for supplying the cows the past couple of years!
Concern for Advisors - Lots of hours put in with out pay!  Gotta love what you do!
Found out from one of our students that Delaware Valley University wasn't honoring her NJ FFA Teach Ag Award (4 years/$14,000 per year), because of her other scholarships.  As advisors, we looked into this, asked questions at the Fall Ag Ed Conference, and feel horrible!  Shocked us all!  We are looking into it!

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